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Kyndl B's profile on The Vetbook

Kyndl B - Full-time Vet - Profile on The Vetbook

Kyndl B

Personal Description

I am a mature student with a bit of life experience behind me as well as a degree in marketing. I can't tell you how many times I hear people say that the reason they went into veterinary medicine is because they don't like people! I am quite the opposite in that I love dealing with people and animals in equal measure and I understand the importance of how it all fits together.

Five-year ambition

Hopefully happy, where ever that may be! Continuing to learn and grow and live the best life I can.




Hornsey Vets – Animal Care Assistant – May 2013 – to present

American Federation of Musicians Local 802 - Executive Administrative Assistant - Greater New York -2005-07

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10 weeks of Small Animal Practice at Hornsey Vets in London, where I also am employed part time as an Animal Care Assistant/Nurse.


Cardiology, Small Animal Therapeutics, Feline Medicine.

Hobbies and Interests

I play guitar and sing. I love film, photography, and travelling.


I enjoy running and yoga as well as equestrian sports.

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