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About The Vetbook

The purpose of The Vetbook is to help vets find jobs.

The idea of The Vetbook came about during my final year rotations at the Royal Veterinary College, in January 2011, when I began to worry about getting my first job. The vast majority of jobs advertised in veterinary publications were for vets with experience and I realised that getting a job was going to involve sending out CV’s and cover letters to loads of practices along with all the years other graduates for jobs where they weren’t even looking for a new grad. I’d heard stories of 2010 graduates who were still looking for work and with Nottingham about to release its first vets, the problem could only get worse. At the same time I developed an interest in website design and the potential business opportunities that it provided. So I went about teaching myself the basics of html code and other languages of the internet and one night, I put pen to paper and began designing The Vetbook.

The website is designed with functionality and ease of use in mind. A section of the website is designated for job advertisements where practices can post vacancies free of charge. The Vetbook also uses Facebook, Twitter and automated daily job alert emails to advertise available jobs and get news quickly to all its followers.